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The CLIFTEX is the only remaining of three theatres that were founded by D.C. Caraway in the early 1900s. It has been in business since 1916. The original name was "The QUEEN Theatre" which was later changed to "CLIFTEX Talkies." in order to keep up with the ever changing film industry.


In the early days, the CLIFTEX operated two theatres, one at the current-day site and the other on the other side of The Clifton Record building. 


A total restoration was completed in December 2008 that brings back many of the features of the CLIFTEX in 1935. Historical memorabilia, furniture and equipment are featured throughout the theatre.  


In April 2011 the projection booth was upgraded to digital projection and now provides CLIFTEX movie patrons with a crystal clear, first-class movie experience. Prior to digital projection, an intermission was necessary for a 35 mm reel film change. Intermissions are now no longer necessary with modern digital equipment. In 2019 the project was update again, this time to 2K digital projection.


For almost 100 years the CLIFTEX Theatre has been a primary source of entertainment for Bosque County residents. Many regular CLIFTEX movie supporters today saw their very first movie at the CLIFTEX many decades ago, in fact, It is not unusual for the CLIFTEX to host in one evening three and sometimes four generations from the same family.


cliftex exterior1935.jpg
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